Stelron BT Series Translator

The STELRON BT TRANSLATOR incorporates the features of the T Series with the addition of an enclosed housing for added versatility in mounting.

The BT Series combines two cam operated anti-friction slides into an integral assembly to produce bi-directional output motion to the external end plate.

Rotation of the input shaft causes the X & Y drive cams to move their respective slides in a predetermined manner. With appropriate timing and cam configurations, almost any motion in a plane may be obtained.

Various standard strokes and sequences are available as is non-standard movements can be provided at nominal additional cost


By employing two separate motions, the designer may now utilize a single unit to perform multi-function machine operations.

A few of many areas of application would include:

  • Linear "pick & place" movements
  • Independent or combined motions in an X-Y plane.
  • Performing operations on continuously moving products (chain, conveyor, strip feed, etc.).
  • "Walking beam" intermittent feeding of parts.

    The BT Translator is available in 7 sizes with strokes up to 12" in the X direction and 5" in the Y direction.


    The "box design" of the external housing provides a rigid enclosure for the mechanism & permits the use of (6) mounting positions to satisfy a variety of needs. Anti-Friction bearings are used throughout and all contact wear surfaces are hardened for long life reliability. Optional mounting plates are available, if required.