Stelron CWB Assembly Machine Chassis

The STELRON CWB Base stands for Conveyor Walking Beam.

Some of the CWB features include:

  • Synchronous / Non-synchronous palletized assembly system provides the greatest flexibility while maintaining high speed assembly
  • Versatile friction conveyor transfer between walking beam units allows manual access to both sides of the pallet (the conveyors may also serve as a short term accumulators)
  • Reliable cam driven walking beam
  • Accurate shot pin locking beam
  • Single lane pallet transfer or dual lane pallet transfers with independent drives
  • Recirculating end units with independent drives and corner overload protection
  • Below the pallet access
  • Optional mounted precision pick and place and other cam driven motion devices
  • STELRON SBGR right angle drive unit with integral slip clutch and single position output overload clutch