Stelron Indexers

RS Series ( index Drives)
RD Series ( dial index drives)
M Series ( parallel index drive)
PS Series ( parallel index drive)

The STELRON INDEX Drive, DIAL Drive, and PARALLEL Drives include many important features to enhance durability, serviceability, and accuracy to your stelron drive. Some of these important features include:

  • Hardened and CNC profile ground, extra large diameter cams operating in a sealed, oil filled housing.
  • Standard NEMA "C" frame motors.
  • Heavy cast aluminum universal mounting housings with machined surfaces and mounting holes on five or six sides.
  • Heavy Duty swing arm type micro switches with large diameter steel signal cams.
  • Stelron indexers are equipped with two types of overload protection:

    1) Internal Output Clutch ( RD series ).

    2) External Output Clutch ( RS series ).

    3) External Output Clutch ( M series ).

    4) Internal Input Clutch in Gear Reducer.