Stelron Motoreducer


The STELRON MOTOREDUCER incorporates many features not ordinarily found in conventional worm type speed reducers. Stelron manufactures (2) types of reducers.

1. The GR positive drive reducer.

2. The SGR integral slip clutch (adjustable) reducer.

Both types are available in (4) models with (3) sizes of each to suit a large variety of applications. A wide range of output speeds are available.. An optional control for either NEMA 48C or 56C flange D.C. permanent magnet constant torque motor, with rectifier, variable speed and dynamic braking capabilities enables the user to optimize the drive for his needs.

The aluminum housing, which is finished on external surfaces, has a minimum size envelope for a given output capacity. There are few projecting surfaces and recessed combination tapped and clearance holes for mounting in any position. The design facilitates the location of the switches, valves, timing cams and accessory parts when necessary and reduces overhung loading when mounting pulleys, sprockets or gears on the output shaft.

The large diameter Nylatron (polymer Corp) nylon worm gear ( 10 pitch ) provides low friction and heat generation, minimum wear, greater arc of contact and inherent flexor for load distribution to adjacent teeth when dynamically braking, jogging or absorbing other peak torque demands.

The integral worm shaft is hardened and ground on the worm, bearing and seal surfaces. Oversize ball and tapered roller bearings assure long life capability.

The SGR type MOTOREDUCER incorporates an integral, adjustable slip clutch for overload protection. Operation on the slower speed output shaft ( or hub ) provides more sensitivity to overload and also avoids the undesirable shake often associated with separate clutches and couplings.


  • Maximum worm gear diameter for high torque and minimum angular shake.
  • Nylatron nylon worm gear for low friction and higher efficiency.
  • Aluminum housing for maximum heat dissipation.
  • Hardened, ground and hard chrome plated integral worm shaft.
  • Thick wall housing finished for mounting of switches, valves, and auxiliary parts.
  • Compact, low profile reducer and motor.
  • Integral and adjustable slip clutch for overload protection.
  • Optional hand knob for manual set-up and operation.
  • "O" rings for static seal and double lip spring loaded rotary seals to retain lubricant.
  • 48C or 56C flange motor.