Stelron Pick & Place Tooling

The STELRON PNEU-MECH Pick n' Place units are pneumatically operated, mechanical finger assemblies to which specific tools may be attached for automatic parts processing.

  • They are available in (2) types (A & B) with (3) sizes for each, having built in tool and mechanism overload protection or as non-retracting types (AF & BF) without the overload feature.
  • A & B types consist of: (1) a head which contains the fingers. (2) a spring loaded extension tube ( 3 standard lengths ). (3) a mounting adapter ( 5 standard styles ).
  • The AF & BF types comprise the head only, with a short circular extension for mounting.
  • Additional features include the following: Heads are removable from the extension tube or may be rotated and clamped in any angular position.
  • Tooling can be mounted either inside or outside the fingers to suit requirements. The tapped holes provided in the hardened fingers can also be used as clearance for smaller screws.
  • Finger pressure can be varied by means of readily accessible (1 or 2) tension springs. Various gauges of wire springs are provided for customer selection.
  • Finger stop screws allow precise setting of tools for grasping parts.
  • Head can be accurately positioned along its axis ( within range M ) by means of an adjusting nut at the end of the extension tube.
  • Overtravel ( L Dim. ) of head and extension tube protects tooling mechanism at the jam without dependence on remote overload clutches, sensing devices, etc.
  • Mounting adapters (5) may be selected to suit a wide variety of installations. Mounting adapters are for specific alterations.
  • Bleed holes are provided for purging the pneumatic system when required.
  • The STELRON "Vacuum" Pick n' Place unit is available in (3) standard sizes and is similar in construction to the Pneu-Mech types. The over travel feature permits actual contact at pick-up or placement of the part.
  • The tip is removable and vacuum accessories are stocked for immediate shipment when necessary.