PLC Assembly Machine Chassis

Carousel PLC & Over/Under PLC

The Stelron Precision Link Chassis (P-Link) provides a better level of accuracy to the indexing chain type assembly chassis. This is accomplished by means of an optional shot-pin locking beam that is synchronized to the main indexing system. The low clearance fit of the hardened pins and bushings in each link assure long term precision.

The prime mover in this indexing system is the time proven Stelron RD-3 Index Drive. This heavy-duty cam driven index drive provides optimum dynamics by providing modified sine motion through a set of hardened and CNC ground drive sprockets. The RD-3 also provides overload protection in the event of a jam. This overload is integral to the RD-3 and can be adjusted to match the dynamic loading of each particular application. When the optional shot pin-locking beam is provided, the RD-3 cam has relief ground into the dwell profile to allow for the +/- .003 accuracy at every in-line station. This locking beam provides better accuracy and will minimize the station drift that is common with other indexing chain systems.

The take-up or idler end of the conveyor incorporates a dynamic air spring chordal compensation slide. The air spring is adjustable and can provide up to 400 pounds of force to keep the chain free of slack during high speed indexing. The idler rings are also hardened and ground for minimal wear and long service life.

Each link of the chain is precision CNC machined and selectively matched at assembly. These aluminum links have one set of fixed cam followers and one set of adjustable cam followers which ride on hardened and ground plates These cam followers eliminate excessive play and provide smooth rolling contact. The hardened link pins and needle bearings provide smooth wear free pivoting around the sprockets and minimal (.001) clearance in the hardened steel linear guide ways.

The chassis is available in "over/under" and "carousel" configurations. Both types are provided in precision jig plate aluminum construction. This is similar to the Stelron RWB chassis construction. The entire chassis is basically one piece and consists of precision machined bottom, middle and top plates that allow convenient mounting surfaces for both synchronized and non-synchronized components at each station.

The bottom and middle plates can be up to 54 inches wide to accommodate the mounting and or anchoring of outboard stations such as feeders, presses, and pick and place devices such as the Stelron Transpart. These devices can be powered up from the lower central drive shaft. The top plate is removable for customer machining and mounting of inboard devices such as the Stelron Vari-Pak. These inboard devices can be powered from the upper central drive shaft. The upright frames that support the conveyor links and guide the shot pin beams also provide another mounting surface for fixed platforms or tooling. In contrast to other indexing chain systems that are mounted on stand's and weldment's, this precision chassis frame is truly easy to integrate.

The Precision Link Chassis demonstrates once again Stelron's commitment to providing solutions for the automation industry. After 40 years in manufacturing our products have earned a reputation for engineering design, offering high performance, outstanding quality and superior value.

Some of the P-Link features include:

  • Robust, one-piece precision machined chassis.
  • Heavy duty Stelron RD-3 Index Drive.
  • Precision machined aluminum links.
  • All potential wear components are hardened and ground for long service life.
  • Standard Line Shafts provide for easy integration of synchronous ancillary equipment.
  • Removable Top Plate for custom machining and mounting of ancillary equipment.
  • Six inch pitch links. (Other sizes available)