Stelron PS Series Indexer

The STELRON PS Series Parallel Indexer

The recent introduction of the PS series index drives confirms STELRON’s continuing commitment to the design & manufacture of automation components. These components are integrated into all types of high speed machinery. These are some of the standard features:

The STELRON PS Series Parallel Indexer drives major features include:

• Preloaded cam & follower wheel arrangement
• Shaft / Flange output
• Hardened steel cam – CNC Ground to precise tolerances
• Compact Aluminum housing – Machine on all six mounting surfaces
• Oversize bearings support input and output shafts
• Input and output slip cluth options
• Wide variety of low backlash gear reducers
• Output through hole available (optional)
• Universal mounting on any of six sides
• Universal housing –Top & Bottom split
• Large YOKE rollers supported from both ends
• Many standard motion sequences using MODIFIED SINE with 0% Constant Velocity
• Standard accuracy of +/-.001” @ pitch diameter
• Direct replacement for industry standard sizes
• Easy maintenance

Indexers similar to this have been available for many years. In that time these components have Proven to be effective solutions in many high speed applications. Reliable cam driven indexers can operate at higher speeds than Pneumatic, Hydraulic, or Geneva indexers while offering much greater overall reliability and lower maintenance & operating cost.

The STELRON PS-Series Parallel Shaft indexers are among the highest speed indexers available today. Parallel Shaft indexers in particular can operate at higher speeds than either Right-Angle or Roller Gear cam systems due to fact that the followers are preloaded throughout the entire motion and are not subject to roller reversal.

The PS-Series is offered in six different frame sizes with pitch diameters from 2.500 inches up to 12.00 inches and motions from 1- Position (360) through 8-Positions (45). Special indexing & oscillating motion sequences are available upon request.

Our rugged PS Series indexers feature two plate cams mounted as a conjugate pair. The follower wheel positions one cam follower above and another below the input shaft centerline to produce a preloaded “locking” action against the cams. Parallel Shaft indexers are capable of generating large output displacement angles and are ideally suited for in-line indexing conveyor applications.