Stelron RS Series Indexer

The STELRON RS Index Drive incorporates recent advancements in roller bearing technology. Using a one piece crossed axis roller bearing, superior support and stability are provided to the output shaft.

There are three styles of indexers associated with the RS Series. All three styles are pre-loaded to eliminate backlash. The barrel cam types ( RS and conventional ) have the pre-loaded manufactured into the cam. Which provides for a FIXED center distance from input to output. The Globoidal type generates pre-load by moving the input shaft closer to the output shaft. This style must therefore have a variable center distance from input to output. This center distance can vary up to 1/32 of an inch.

The Stelron indexers housing material is typically made up of aluminum, while the internal components are made up of steel. Therefore as the unit heats up the aluminum housing will expand greater than the internal follower mechanism. This will enlarge the center distance and can affect the pre-load in the Globoidal type indexers. For example a Globoidal indexer with a six inch center distance experiencing a moderate temperature rise of thirty degrees Fahrenheit can reduce the pre-load by approximately .0015 inches.

The Globoidal type requires much more disassembly to remove the output and change the cam followers. In order to remove the follower assembly, the pre-load must be backed-off before the assembly can be removed from the housing. This will involve un-coupling the indexer from the input shaft connection and removal of the gear reducer from the input shaft. Only then can the output follower assembly be removed from the housing. After the new cam followers are installed and the follower assembly placed back into the housing, the maintenance personnel must once again set the pre-load. This requires a technician familiar with the proper pre-loading of Globoidal cam indexers and is usually only done by the manufacturer. Then the gear reducer can be re-mounted and the indexer recoupled to any other input shaft connections.

Some of the RS Series Standard Features include:

  • Large tool steel cam - hardened and CNC ground.
  • Compact housing - machined on all six mounting surfaces.
  • Universal mounting on any of the six sides.
  • Many standard sequences using modified sine.
  • One piece crossed - roller bearing for support and resistance to combined thrust, radial and moment loading.
  • Standard accuracy of +/- .001 @ 6" radius.
  • Fixed center distance from input to output.
  • Lowest profile housings.
  • Easy maintenance.