Stelron SBT Series Translator

The STELRON ST & SBT TRANSLATORS offer the two-fold addition of spring operated overload protection & backlash elimination in the "Y" axis at either end of a "pick & place" movement.

The basic construction is identical to the job-proven T & BT Series with the exception of an extra long compression spring in the "Y" motion.

This feature protects expensive tooling as well as the unit itself when a "jam-up" or other malfunction occurs. The positive return guarantees that the tooling plate retracts in the vertical or "Y" axis to avoid interference with other moving parts.

Exact repeatability is assured in this vertical or "Y" axis by the elimination of any mechanical backlash or play for the critical pick-up or placing of parts.

Extra length compression spring assures long life and minimum energy variation.

The ST & SBT Translators are identical in all external dimensions to the familiar "T" & "BT" series.