Stelron Translators


The STELRON TRANSLATOR provides two independent linear axis of cam controlled movement. Any motion in a single plane (within the stroke and minimum cam angle limitations) is possible. The end plate, or output, is guided by precision linear bushings. The spread, or aspect ratio, of these bushings has been maximized for optimum stability, life and freedom from unwanted movement (shake) of the output member. The "X" axis cam follower is located on the carriage block and directly engages the "X" cam. This enhances the load capacity of this axis. The "Y" axis provides motion to the endplate through a needle bearing supported bell crank mechanism and a yoke assembly. Since the translator utilizes a track cam, some backlash can be expected. Consult Stelron for methods to minimize or eliminate backlash at the end positions. The Translator mechanism is housed in a rigid cast aluminum housing that can be mounted in any position.

Constant speed rotation of the input (cam) shaft produces a predetermined dual axis motion of the end plate. Units can also be cycled on demand where the input shaft is single cycled by the input drive. The following are just some of the many important features of this drive:

  • Hardened and CNC profile ground, larger diameter cams.
  • Thompson Precision Class "A" linear bearings or Thompson Super Smart High performance linear bearings guide and support the load.
  • 60 Rockwell hardened class "L" linear shafting is standard for long life. Higher precision class "N" shafting is available.
  • All wear surfaces are rolling contact and hardened for long life.
  • Standard felt rod wipers retain light lubricant and exclude foreign matter. Viton seals are available.
  • Output spring overload protection for "Y" axis in SBT series. Stelron slip clutch motor reducer package provides input overload protection.
  • Standard NEMA "C" frame motors.
  • Heavy cast aluminum universal mounting housings with machined surfaces and mounting holes available in six sides. Units can be mounted in any position.
  • Heavy duty swing arm type micro switches with large diameter adjustable steel signal cams.
  • Hand knobs on all Stelron reducers for ease of set up and manual cycling.
  • Modified Sine acceleration generated by cam provides smooth, high speed transfers with minimal vibration.