Stelron Vari-Pak


Stelron Vari-Pak

Stelron SVIP Vari-Pak


STELRON VARI-PAK provides an integral, compact means for linear "pick and place" operations.

It is available in five different sizes with two series of VARIABLE stroke ranges to accommodate a variety of applications. The user may also obtain the unit in standard FIXED stroke sequences.

The STELRON "SVIP"Vari-Pak is now available with spring operated "forward and downward" movements, combined with a positive return. This feature protects expensive tooling as well as the unit itself when a "jam-up" or other malfunction occurs. The positive return guarantees that the tooling plate retracts to avoid interference with other moving parts.

In addition, exact repeatability of tooling is assured by the elimination of any mechanical backlash or play for critical "pick & place" applications. Extra length compression springs assure long life and minimum energy variation.

Since the "SVIP" unit is identical in all external dimensions to the widely accepted "VIP" Vari-Pak, complete dimensional data, capacities, and sizes may be obtained by referring to our catalog.


The VARI-PAK unit consists of an X-Y linear ball bearing slide with a projecting end plate or work head, to which the user attaches the necessary tooling for his application. Controlled motion of the end plate is derived from an internal cam having separate grooves for both the X and Y movements. Intermediate levers, available as either FIXED or VARIABLE type provide the mechanical link between the cam and X-Y slide yoke. The entire unit is driven by rotation of the external cam shaft. Removable guards enclose the internal parts within the main housing.


All rolling contact elements are hardened and ground for minimum wear and low friction. The yoke slide (when used) is hard bronze, contacting the hardened X and Y yoke members. Ball and oscillating needle bearings are prelubricated and sealed. Linear ball bearings have integral felt wipers for excluding foreign matter and retaining oil lubricant.


The VARI-PAK is available in five different sizes, with strokes up to 6" in the "Y" direction and 16" in the "X" direction.


Each of the five sizes available may be obtained as fixed stroke units at reduced costs. The adjustable levers and pivots are replaced by conventional levers and rollers in these cases. Standard strokes are 1/2, 3/4, 1, 1-1/2, 2, 2-1/2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 12, 14, and 16 inches with the same angular sequences as for the variable strokes.


Frequently the user may require special movements (strokes or cam angles) not included in the standard units. In these instances, generally the only extra cost is for the necessary Master Cams.


Longer Y strokes beyond those given above are available on special order.