Stelron VT Series Translator

The STELRON VT-TRANSLATORS is an extension of the widely accepted T-Series Translator and has been developed to fill the need for an extended stroke, X - Y linear actuator.

It is available in (3) different sizes with strokes up to 24" in the X direction and 8" in the Y direction and with fixed or variable movements in either or both the X and Y axes.

Anti-Friction bearings are used throughout and all contacting surfaces are hardened and ground to insure long life with minimum wear and friction. Protective guards enclose the working mechanism and are easily removed for adjustment of stroke when required.

An option "Power Drive" complete with integral timing cams, switches and control circuit can also be provided as a separate drive package.


Machine operations which require processing of products or parts while in transit (conveyor or chain transported), "Pick and Place" and so called "Walking Beam" requirements, or any motion which requires bi-directional movement in a plane are readily handled by the VT-Translator.


The box design, free of projections other than shafts, traverse yoke, and output plate, permits mounting on any (5) different surfaces while providing a rigid structure to support the internal members.

The Cam Shaft is supported by preloaded, medium series ball bearings, and the X axis hardened rib cam contacts (2) preloaded cam followers, insuring high accuracy to the output tool mounting plate.


Each of the (3) sizes may be obtained as fixed stroke units at reduced cost. This involves supplying the plain levers bored for the cam follower at the appropriate radii to produce the desired fixed stroke. There is no provision for further adjustment once this is done.


All pivot needle bearings and cam followers are equipped with grease fittings for infrequent lubrication. Linear ball bearings have integral felt wipers and lubricators. Radial bearings are sealed for life and require no further attention.