Stelron WB Assembly Machine Chassis

The Stelron Modular Walking Beam Assembly Machine Chassis features:

  • Large selection of standard size chassis
  • Various standard and special order Walking Beam strokes ( X & Y ) available
  • Output beam mounting pads driven by Stelron Translators.
  • Stelron variable speed drive with integral adjustable slip clutch
  • Manual safety handwheel for adjustment and set-up
  • Synchronous timing belt drive throughout
  • Several Walking Beam centerline locations
  • Table top access holes for linkage clearance from lower shaft
  • Unrestricted lower base for mounting of components
  • Optional Features:

  • Dual Walking Beams
  • Above table synchronous drive shaft
  • Standard, reworkable ancillary machine components
  • Adaptability for Stelron Transparts, Translators, Vari-Paks, and other components
  • Modular table extensions