Conveyor Walking Beam



CWB Chassis Introduction:

The STELRON CWB Conveyor Walking Beam chassis is a direct descendant of the popular and time proven RWB Recirculating Walking Beam chassis. The difference is, the CWB chassis allows the integration of high accuracy position indexing and power and free conveyor movement of the pallets The CWB chassis sections may be configured as a single lane, dual lanes, perpendicular lanes or recirculating end units with maximum cycle rates from 40 to 60 one-up indexes per minute depending on the pallet size. In the dual lane design, each lane may be powered by a single drive or independently driven for maximum flexibility. Any configuration of the CWB chassis may be run continuous or cycle on demand. Continuous run operation may include synchronously driven pick and place or other synchronous cam motion devices. Cycle on demand operation allows for the integration of non-synchronous robotics and other electric or pneumatic motion devices as well as independently driven cam motion devices.

Standard Features:

  • Chassis table lengths up to 22 feet long
  • Chassis table widths from 24 inched to 54 inches wide
  • Close tolerance pallet positioning w/ patented locking beam system
  • Standard pallets are 4, 5, 6 and 8 inches square
  • Rectangular pallets up to 8 inches also available as standard
  • Optional synchronous or non-synchronous mounted pick and place and other cam driven or servo driven motion devices on indexing chassis
  • Conveyor options between chassis, 90° right angle and 180° U-turn
  • Pallet conveyor stop options for high accuracy single station work or for metering to control back pressure into indexing chassis

Stelron Belt Conveyor:

The Belt conveyors are designed specifically for handling the Stelron CWB chassis pallets. The friction drive belts are nylon backed for optimal conveying and long life expectancy. The unique discharge end transfer belts assure smooth handling for delivering the pallets into the CWB chassis or transferring pallets to another Belt Conveyor or Side Flex Conveyor.

The Belt Conveyor may be configured with optional pallet stops. The pallet stops are available with or without the high accuracy lift and locate pallet positioning. The pallet stop without lift and locate may serve as a metering device to control back pressure into the indexing chassis. It may be used for manual operations or as a cycle on demand station where high accuracy is not needed. The pallet stop with lift and locate may be used for precision, single station operations, where high accuracy positioning and a shot pinned pallet is required.

Stelron Side Flex Conveyor:

The Side Flex Conveyors, available in either a 90° right angle turn or 180° U-turn, provide a way to redirect the pallets for eventual recirculation. There are two mounting designs. The free standing mount which can be placed just about anywhere in your layout and the canti-lever mount which can be used wherever it can be mounted directly onto either the in-feed or discharge end of a CWB Chassis. The canti-lever mount, available only on the 180° U-turn model, is more economical and space saving than the free standing mount. however, the free standing mount offers more flexible options especially where separation from the Chassis is required. Like the Belt Conveyors, the Side Flex Conveyors have a unique discharge end transfer for handing off the pallets from conveyor to conveyor or from conveyor to the CWB Chassis. The minimum pallet centerline distance for the SFC-180 is 24.50″. The 90° turn unit is only available in the Free Standing design


The CWB Chassis pallets are indexed by Stelron T-400 modified translators which provide the synchronous walking beam motion for pallet transfer. The patented locking beam system will engage every working pallet in the indexing lane; providing high accuracy positioning and repeatability where close tolerance operations are needed. The walking and locking beam integrated cam design applies true modified sine motion directly to the existing mass; providing the smoothest pallet transfer possible.

Size & Range:

The accuracy of +/-.001″ is available at all stations with the exception of first (in-feed) station on a single lane or dual lane chassis, the first (in-feed) station and the corner station on a perpendicular lane chassis, and first (in-feed) station and the two corner stations on a recirculating end chassis.


CWB Lane Configurations

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The Stelron Belt Conveyors

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