Conveyor Walking Beam


The STELRON CWB Conveyor Walking Beam chassis is a direct descendant of the popular and time proven RWB Recirculating Walking Beam chassis. The difference is, the CWB chassis allows the integration of high accuracy position indexing and power and free conveyor movement of the pallets The CWB chassis sections may be configured as a single lane, dual lanes, perpendicular lanes or recirculating end units with maximum cycle rates from 40 to 60 one-up indexes per minute depending on the pallet size. In the dual lane design, each lane may be powered by a single drive or independently driven for maximum flexibility. Any configuration of the CWB chassis may be run continuous or cycle on demand. Continuous run operation may include synchronously driven pick and place or other synchronous cam motion devices. Cycle on demand operation allows for the integration of non-synchronous robotics and other electric or pneumatic motion devices as well as independently driven cam motion devices.