Cam Slides

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The STELRON Cam Slide converts rotational motion from an input shaft to controlled “in line” movement of an end plate(s) attached to linear moving output shafts. Due to the integral construction, it eliminates the need for separate cams, linkages and other devices for producing a movement from a remote source. The “cam Slide” consists of two hardened cams mounted on the input shaft, each acting on separate rollers attached to the carriage of the reciprocating assembly. The cams provide positive constraint at all times to the “in line” moving parts. The reciprocating assembly moves on linear ball bearings mounted in a housing which contains all the moving parts. All contact surfaces are hardened and roll on anti-friction bearings to reduce friction and wear to a minimum. The housing is sealed to exclude foreign matter and retain lubrication.


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The STELRON Index Drive, Dial Drive, and Parallel Drive include many important features to enhance durability, serviceability, and accuracy to your stelron drive. Some of these important features include: Hardened and CNC profile ground, extra large diameter cams operating in a sealed, oil filled housing, Standard NEMA “C” frame motors, Heavy cast aluminum universal mounting housings with machined surfaces and mounting holes on five or six sides, and Heavy Duty swing arm type micro switches with large diameter steel signal cams. Stelron indexers are equipped with two types of overload protection: 1) Internal Output Clutch ( RD series ). 2) External Output Clutch ( RS series ). 3) External Output Clutch ( M series ). 4) Internal Input Clutch in Gear Reducer.

Machine Chassis

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The STELRON Assembly Machine Chassis is available in 5 configurations including the CWB, RWB, WB, O/U PLC, PLC, and RAD. Various features include Synchronous / Non-synchronous palletized assembly system provides the greatest flexibility while maintaining high speed assembly, Versatile friction conveyor transfer between walking beam units allows manual access to both sides of the pallet (the conveyors may also serve as a short term accumulators), Reliable cam driven walking beam, Accurate shot pin locking beam, Single lane pallet transfer or dual lane pallet transfers with independent drives, Recirculating end units with independent drives and corner overload protection, Below the pallet access, Optional mounted precision pick and place and other cam driven motion devices, STELRON SBGR right angle drive unit with integral slip clutch and single position output overload clutch.


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The STELRON Motoreducer incorporates many features not ordinarily found in conventional worm type speed reducers. Stelron manufactures (2) types of reducers.1. The GR positive drive reducer.2. The SGR integral slip clutch (adjustable) reducer. Both types are available in (4) models with (3) sizes of each to suit a large variety of applications. A wide range of output speeds are available. An optional control for either NEMA 48C or 56C flange D.C. permanent magnet constant torque motor, with rectifier, variable speed and dynamic braking capabilities enables the user to optimize the drive for his needs. The aluminum housing, which is finished on external surfaces, has a minimum size envelope for a given output capacity. There are few projecting surfaces and recessed combination tapped and clearance holes for mounting in any position. The design facilitates the location of the switches, valves, timing cams and accessory parts when necessary and reduces overhung loading when mounting pulleys, sprockets or gears on the output shaft. The large diameter Nylatron (polymer Corp) nylon worm gear ( 10 pitch ) provides low friction and heat generation, minimum wear, greater arc of contact and inherent flexor for load distribution to adjacent teeth when dynamically braking, jogging or absorbing other peak torque demands. The integral worm shaft is hardened and ground on the worm, bearing and seal surfaces. Oversize ball and tapered roller bearings assure long life capability. The SGR type MOTOREDUCER incorporates an integral, adjustable slip clutch for overload protection. Operation on the slower speed output shaft ( or hub ) provides more sensitivity to overload and also avoids the undesirable shake often associated with separate clutches and couplings.


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The STELRON Reciprocator consists of a linear ball assembly actuated by a cylindrical cam, all contained within a compact sealed housing. It is available in six different sizes with a large variety of standard strokes and timing sequences. The “reciprocator” is available with positive motion in both directions or as a spring operated “out” movement with a positive return. (5″ max. spring stroke). All units may be mounted in any position.


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The STELRON slide units incorporate tried and proven linear ball bearings into compact assemblies combining rolling elements for low friction, hardened contact surfaces for long life and minimum wear, with negligible or zero backlash. Long, unrestricted strokes are not a limitation due to the use of re-circulating ball races in the bearings.Integral felt wipers are normally supplied on all units to reduce frictional drag, exclude foreign matter and distribute lubricant. However, units can be supplied with neoprene type seals when requested.


Catalogs: BT-Translator | VT-Translator

The STELRON Translator provides two independent linear axis of cam controlled movement. Any motion in a single plane (within the stroke and minimum cam angle limitations) is possible. The end plate, or output, is guided by precision linear bushings. The spread, or aspect ratio, of these bushings has been maximized for optimum stability, life and freedom from unwanted movement (shake) of the output member. The “X” axis cam follower is located on the carriage block and directly engages the “X” cam. This enhances the load capacity of this axis. The “Y” axis provides motion to the endplate through a needle bearing supported bell crank mechanism and a yoke assembly. Since the translator utilizes a track cam, some backlash can be expected. Consult Stelron for methods to minimize or eliminate backlash at the end positions. The Translator mechanism is housed in a rigid cast aluminum housing that can be mounted in any position.


Catalog: Trans-Part

The STELRON Trans-Part has been developed to provide smooth, positive, cam controlled rotary-linear combined motions to an external output shaft. A compact housing encloses the internal parts and provides (5) different mounting surfaces to suit a wide variety of installations. The STELRON FJ SERIES TRANS-PART has been designed to permit mounting to a surface where the standard lower bearing shaft projections are undesirable. The modified construction avoids the necessity of providing openings in the mounting base plate for clearance purposes. This has been accomplished with only minimal reductions in the maximum linear or rotational strokes for the 6 standard sizes available. The FJ Series eliminates lower shaft and bearing projections for improved mounting applications while all other applications remain unchanged. Maximum axial and rotational strokes are only slightly reduced. In Addition, all external dimensions remain unchanged except for the P, Q and R dimensions.


Catalogs: Vari-Pak | Vari-Pak (SERVO)

STELRON Vari-Pak provides an integral, compact means for linear “pick and place” operations. It is available in five different sizes with two series of VARIABLE stroke ranges to accommodate a variety of applications. The user may also obtain the unit in standard FIXED stroke sequences. The STELRON “SVIP”Vari-Pak is now available with spring operated “forward and downward” movements, combined with a positive return. This feature protects expensive tooling as well as the unit itself when a “jam-up” or other malfunction occurs. The positive return guarantees that the tooling plate retracts to avoid interference with other moving parts. In addition, exact repeatability of tooling is assured by the elimination of any mechanical backlash or play for critical “pick & place” applications. Extra length compression springs assure long life and minimum energy variation. Since the “SVIP” unit is identical in all external dimensions to the widely accepted “VIP” Vari-Pak, complete dimensional data, capacities, and sizes may be obtained by referring to our catalog.