We at Stelron, take personal interest in each and every product we build for our customers. By supplying precise and versatile machinery to manufacturers that demand quality products, Stelron gets to play an integral role in the lives of consumers. Stelron offers a complete line of cam-actuated and servo-driven products. Whether you are looking for a 24 foot long precision link chain chassis to assemble automotive brake systems, or a small rotary-dial indexer to assemble aerosol spray can nozzles, Stelron has the solution for you. Our synchronous, turn-key solutions have given us the reputation of ͞best in the business.͟With endless motion capabilities and ease of customization, our components and machine chassiss have been integrated into assembly lines across several different industries. The applications listed below just scratch the surface of what Stelron can do.


With clean-room capabilities, you can count on Stelron to deliver superior support to help health care manufacturers ensure safety, enhance patient outcomes, and improve the total cost of care.
PLC Chassis RWB/CWB Chassis RAD/MAD Chassis
Syringes  √  √  √
Masks  √    
Dust mask assembly  √    
Inhalers  √    
Diabetic test strips  √  √  
Test tube filling and handling  √    
Cannula/medical tubing assembly    √  
Blood platelet separator  √    

Cosmetic/Personal Care

We all know and love the endless makeup choices, unique bottle shapes, and multiple bladed razors that make up the “personal care” field. Between the diverse Stelron component and chassis line coupled with our experienced engineering team, we can accommodate any assembly line requirements.
PLC Chassis RWB/CWB Chassis RAD/MAD Chassis
Eye shadow compacts    √  
Personal mirror compacts    
Perfume spray pumps  √    
Deodorant spray pump bottles  √    
Shaving razor  √    
3 & 5 blade razor cartridge    √  √
Aerosol sprayers      √


The automotive industry is constantly changing, let Stelron show you just how versatile cam-driven machinery can be. Why choose expensive robots, when you can have superior reliability and repeatability at a fraction of the cost?
PLC Chassis RWB/CWB Chassis RAD/MAD Chassis
Valve lifter assembly  √    
Valve spring  √    
Tire pressure sensors  √    
Air filters  √    
Clutch module  √    
Drive train switch assembly  √    
Switch assembly  √    
Rear caliper brake assembly  √    
Brake assembly  √    
Stamping components  √    
Seat components  √    
Head rest assembly  √    
Base rocker assembly    
Core radiator assembly  √    
Air bag assembly  √    
Automotive seat assembly  √    
High load seat back adjuster  √    
Powered seat assembly  √    
Solenoid pre-assembly      √
Noise deadening suspension components      √


Electronic and computer parts are where we see the highest accuracy requirements. From hard drive assemblies and circuit boards, to pins and connectors, Stelron has been able to supply this industry with precise assembly components for successful product output.
PLC Chassis RWB/CWB Chassis RAD/MAD Chassis
Printer ink jet cartridges  √  √  
PC hard drive sub-assembly  √    
Handle printer assembly    √  
Printer handle    √  
Hard drive holder  √    
PLC Chassis RWB/CWB Chassis RAD/MAD Chassis
Jiggle pin insert for thermostat  √    
Spin drive tube assembly for clothing
washing machine
Circuit board assembly  √    
Faucet assembly    √  
Lithium batteries    √  
Sprinkler heads    √  
HVAC heater rack    √  
Nail-on junction box assembly    √  
PLC Chassis RWB/CWB Chassis RAD/MAD Chassis
Cable connectors  √    
Toggle switch assembly
Receptacle/Terminal assembly
Telephone jack connector  √    
Coaxial cable connector  √    
Light switch assembly  √    
Electrical wall socket      √
Wire cutting      √
Switch Cover      √
 Ground electrode welder      √
Tamper resistant      √
3 wire cord end    √  
4/5 wire cord end    √  
Switch assembly    √  
Shielded connector    √